Happy Halloween from Le Top!

Posted on October 31st, 2014 by Lennore Merz


We are having a great, fun-filled Halloween Day, featuring all sorts of Disney themed costumes. One of our Designers, Rolando, is the center of attention dressed as the head honcho, Walt Disney himself! Surrounded by Walt are such characters as Roger Rabbit, Snow White (both pre and post Huntsman – oh my!), Buzz Light Year, Dalmatian Dog, Pocahontas, Robin Hood, Rapunzel, Minnie Mouse, and a couple of evil witches to boot! We even have a baseball player dressed in a San Francisco Giants uniform. Another reason to celebrate: the San Francisco Giants, our 2014 World Series Champions!

Our staff enjoyed pizza and Kara’s Cupcakes, and all who participated by dressing up for the occasion received a Starbucks gift card. And the lucky winner gets an extra special gift card!

At Le Top, we have to be a little silly and creative in order to come up with our whimsical and fun playwear! Halloween is just another reason for our team to creatively express ourselves and channel our childhood through characters!

Now for the contest winner

…drumroll, please…

As announced by the Wicked Witch aka Karen:

“It was a tight race for the Best Halloween Costume at Le Top – Robin Hood aka Dennis, Buzz Light Year aka Heather and Dalmation Dog aka Alexia all received the same amount of Votes!

We put the 3 names in the hopper and Walt Disney aka Rolando pulled the winner’s name: BUZZ!!  Heather was our winner this year!!”

Congratulations Heather!

Here’s a little gallery of our Halloween festivities:


Stop and Smell the Roses

Posted on October 29th, 2014 by Lennore Merz

Violet stops to smell the roses in her ‘Sweet Rose’ dress

In my experience, I have found it best to be open to learning life lessons. From the moment my daughter, Violet, was born she taught me to “stop and smell the roses.” Who knew that when my husband and I decided on her name, that she would be such a girly girl, who would absolutely adore any and every kind of flower in existence. Thus, the name Violet couldn’t have been a more perfect fit!

As busy as life got, Violet would often encourage me to slow down and enjoy the gifts that life was offering me. When she was a newborn, simply looking at her contagiously happy grin or feeling the clasp of her tiny hand on my pinky finger was enough to make me slow down and appreciate life’s small blessings. After all, writing that email or making that phone call could wait.

When Violet was a toddler, I decided to put her into a morning preschool that was near our home. We’d cheerfully walk to school each morning…sometimes on time and sometimes a tad bit late. On those late days, I’d try to gently rush her along so that we wouldn’t be tardy for school. Each time I’d turn around, there was Violet, with her little nose in the middle of some type of beautiful flower! “Violet”, I’d say, “We have got to get to school on time or we’ll be late!” She’d cutely smile and slowly move along, only to get distracted by another flower (and it took everything in her to not to pick it). I would start to feel myself get tense, but then I took a step back and assessed the situation. Violet, in her own special way, was teaching me a life lesson. She was teaching me to “stop and smell the roses”, to enjoy life at a slower pace, and to treasure its small and cherished moments. Did it really matter if we were 10 minutes late to preschool? Not really.

So here is my advice to Moms: slow down, enjoy these cherished years, and allow your kids to teach you a few life lessons. You won’t regret it.

Do you have any similar stories? Please share!

In photo above, Violet is shown in her le top ‘Sweet Rose’ drop-waist dress with tulle skirt. This comfy-chic dress of easy-to-wear stretch cotton features an allover rose pattern in shades of pink and red, and is accented with a tulle overlay skirt for a charming ballerina effect. Shop the collection here!


Le Top Darling of the Week: Alexa

Posted on October 27th, 2014 by Iliana


The perfect fit for 4-year-old Alexa! Here is our Darling of the Week showing off her spunky side in our ‘Simply Charming’ coral pink shirt and dotted tulle skirt from the Fall 2014 line.

Doesn’t she look fabulous? We wouldn’t expect anything less from this future fashionista who is the daughter of Little Ladybug Kids children’s boutique owner, Amy. Thank you Amy for sharing these fabulous photos of Alexa!

Mom tells us Alexa loves to swim and is like a fish in water! When Alexa isn’t swimming she likes playing with her American Girl Dolls and doing arts and crafts things like drawing and painting. With all of these activities we’re not surprised that Alexa’s least favorite thing to do is sleep — too many fun things to do!

Letop-3Her favorite food is an American classic: grilled cheese – good choice! She has one brother, Luke, who is turning two in January – Happy (almost) Birthday Luke!

Congratulations to our sweet, silly and kind Darling of the Week, Alexa!

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Halloween Costume Contest – Win a FREE Le Top outfit!

Posted on October 24th, 2014 by Iliana

Le Top Halloween

Happy (almost) Halloween le top fans! We are looking for the cutest pictures of your babies and kiddos photographed in their spookiest or most darling or funny costumes from their Halloween parade at school, trick-or-treating, Halloween in your local neighborhood or even your little one’s Halloween celebrations at home! We wanted to reach out to our blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter fans to submit your pictures starting TODAY through Monday, November 3rd.

We will choose a winner (at random) who will win a FREE le top outfit of choice from our le top online boutique. The lucky winner will be announced on Tuesday, November 4th.

Where to send these spooky, cute and ghoulish photos?

Email service@letop-usa.com or post your picture on our Facebook or Instagram or Twitter and tag le top tag your friends in the comments for {1} extra entry — write a little caption on who your child is and who he or she is dressed as!


Safe Trick-or-Treating Tips

Posted on October 22nd, 2014 by Lennore Merz


1 year-old Alyssa buzzing around on Halloween night in her le top Bumble Bee costume!

Halloween is right around the bend, and most of you have probably already figured out what your little ones are going to be for the big night. Some of you brave & crafty Moms have decided to hand-make the costumes for your little tots, and some may have purchased them online or in stores.  As you plan to venture out on this fun and exciting Halloween journey, here are a few safety tips to keep in mind…

  1. Illuminate the Night – Bring a flashlight for each child’s group. I like to keep one and give one to my older child, Nathan, who tends to lose patience while waiting for his little sister and runs ahead with friends. Glow necklaces and bracelets are also a great idea so that little trick-or-treaters are seen by all.
  2. Don’t Let Costumes Drag Your Little Ones Down – Costumes that drag on the ground can trip your tiny tot. So if your sweetie’s Elsa or Anna dress is a little too long, take some masking tape and shorten the hem a few inches. The same goes for too-long pants for little boys.
  3. Have Them Wear Shoes that Fit – It’s best to wear tennis shoes or comfy shoes that fit well. Those cute dress up princess plastic shoes with heels may match your little darling’s costume perfectly, but won’t be practical while walking around the neighborhood at night. Those too-large boots or huge clown shoes that sometimes come with costume sets are not so ideal for Halloween night. But you can still get your money’s worth by saving those shoes for costume parties at school or at friend’s houses. Their feet will thank you!
  4. Make Sure Their Masks Allows Them to See and Breathe Well – Certain masks only have small eye openings and nothing for the mouth or nose. It’s best if grown-ups try on masks for size and cut larger openings, if needed, in order to maximize comfort and safety for the kids.
  5. Walk on the Path – Trick-or-Treaters should walk, not run, and stay on the paths in people’s yards. Yes, it’s hard, because tots are SO very excited…but safety comes first! Kids should not cut across lawns or driveways, as landscaping and decorations are not always visible at night.
  6. Be Aware of Scary Halloween Decorations – When you are out and about on the big night with your children, be aware of the fact that some people REALLY get into Halloween and have scary props on their lawns and by their doors. When trick-or-treating with my youngest, Violet, I have to scope out the house a bit before having her approach a door. I do this so that she doesn’t get scared by any Jason figures, grim reapers, or ghouls…OH MY!
  7. Check All Candy Before Kids Consume – Parents should always check over all candy pieces before allowing their kids to eat them. Throw away any opened/damaged/old candy and be mindful of hard candy that can be a choking hazard.

So with these things in mind, we wish you all a safe and Happy Halloween!

Do you have any safe trick-or-treating tips of your own? Please share!

Have you seen our Dino-Mite newborn hooded coverall? It’s super-cute and doubles as an outfit as well as a costume!  Keep your newborn cozy and warm while he’s out at night Trick-or-Treating with his older siblings.  It is a cotton-blend coverall featuring felted dinosaur spikes at the hood and a graphic spiked tail in the back. Take a look here: