Toddler-Friendly Tree Decorating Tips

Posted on December 17th, 2014 by Lennore Merz

Nathan Christmas Age 4

My son, Nathan, at age 4 helping me trim the tree.

‘Tis the season for fun!  If you celebrate Christmas, you probably have already started decking the halls and hanging icicle lights from the roof. Have you gotten around to the trimming the Christmas tree yet? If you have a toddler at home, this task can be unnerving.  If you are like me, you worry about your kids and their safety. The thought of the Christmas tree tumbling over or having one of your precious children hurt while playing with glass ornaments is enough to make a safety-minded parent uneasy.

Here are a few tree decorating tips that should make the holiday season a little safer for tots, and less-worrisome for you.

  • It’s all about the base. Make sure that the base of the tree is secure and stable. Anyone who has put up a tree knows that it is a challenge to get the three screws aligned with the perfect amount of tension at each point of the tree base. However, this procedure is very, very important! If the tree is crooked or leaning, it is unsafe and makes for a very bad looking tree. It’s also a good idea to put bricks or heavy items on your tree stand if you have the kind that fans out at the bottom.
  • Keep fragile ornaments on top. In your collection of cherished heirloom ornaments, you may have some larger, non-breakable ones like jingle bells, plastic balls, apples, etc. to use at the bottom of your tree. If you don’t have any non-breakable ornaments on hand, we suggest buying a package or two of the plastic, shatter-proof kind. There are many varieties available these days in stores and online. If you are lucky, you can even match them to some of your glass ornaments on top!
  • No wire hangers! Trade in your wire ornament hangers and hooks for ribbon ornament hangers. These fabric alternatives are more toddler-friendly and are nice to look at. If you opt to not buy these, then make sure to keep track of the wire hooks so they don’t end up on the floor.
  • Stay nearby. Of course, there is no substitute for good supervision! Make sure you are close by when your little ones are playing by the Christmas tree.

Have fun and happy decorating!

Do you have any tips for toddler-proofing your tree?  We’d love to hear about them!

Le Top Darling of the Week: Nora

Posted on December 15th, 2014 by Iliana

Nora 3 copy

Nora in the le top ‘Morning Glory’ dress!

Our darling of the week is the imaginative and sweet, 3 1/2 year-old Nora! Here she is ready to take on the day in her le top ‘Morning Glory’ collection dress!

We are told this little darling loves books! Her favorite story right now is “Momotaro the Peach Boy.” One of Nora’s favorite things to do is pretend play with her little animals and dinosaurs, including her favorite toy Dolphy, a stuffed dolphin. Nora also likes to help mommy make paintings in her studio – future artist in training

One fun and interesting fact about Nora is that she has two middle names, “Masae Marian”, which her parents like to call “Double M.”

Check out these darling photo’s of Nora in her fall le top styles!

Nora - le top

Nora in the le top ‘Mad for Plaid’ dress!

Congratulations to our beautiful Darling of the Week, Nora!


Nora 1

Nora in le top ‘Giddy-up, horsey!’

Nora 2

Nora in le top ‘Born to be Wild’

Le Top Chef Series: Candy Cane Hearts Lollipops

Posted on December 11th, 2014 by Lennore Merz

{photo by}

Looking for a great recipe for kids to make on a cold winter’s day? Robyn, a member of our Le Top Family, found this recipe on and made it with her kids last weekend. These yummy treats are  festive, fun, and kids love to make them!  Your children will especially enjoy eating these treats when they are done! The recipe is listed below.

Candy Cane Hearts Lollipops

{click on recipe photo to enlarge}



 Do you have any fun, easy recipes that you like to make with your kids?  Please share!

Santa Holiday Picture Contest! Win $100 worth of Le Top!

Posted on December 10th, 2014 by Iliana


{click on photo to enlarge}

We are looking for the cutest and the most scared pictures of your babies and kiddos photographed with Santa!

We want to ring in the holiday season with a few laughs (and smiles) and have a contest on the best “scared of” and “cute” Santa pictures. We will pick 2 winners – one will be for the cutest Santa picture with your child(ren) and the other will be for the funniest “I’m scared of” Santa photo with your child(ren).

Submit your pictures starting TODAY through Thursday, December 18th. (A little blurb about the pic would be great too!)

We will choose our winners (at random) who will WIN a

$100 shopping spree from our le top online boutique –

The lucky winner will be announced on Friday, December 19th.

So, where to send these photos?



le top reindeer cheer

le top play in the snow

le top merry & bright

{click on photos to view collections}

Le Top Darling of the Week: Sinia

Posted on December 8th, 2014 by Iliana

Sinia 5 - edit

Watch out fashion world: 6-month-old Sinia is building up her fashion portfolio with her oh so darling #OOTD (outfit of the day) post on Instagram. Here she is in the le top ‘Sweet Rose’ collection floral jumpsuit with tulle details – a charming must-have! Her fan’s (mom & dad’s family and friends) look forward to seeing her outfit post every day! Sinia’s wardrobe has become mommy’s hobby!

We are told Sinia has a friendly, bubbly, and curious personality. She has one sibling, her fur-sister Eme! When she’s not posing for her #OOTD pictures, she likes to play with her favorite toy, the alphabet cow — the plush ears and horns are apparently delicious! Her favorite food is the Gerber apples/blueberries combo. During her morning bottle time she likes watching “Peppa Pig.”

Here is another photo of this future fashionista
in the le top “Born to be Wild” one-piece jumpsuit with a two-piece look!
Sinia 2
Congratulations to our Darling of the Week, Sinia!

We look forward to seeing your #OOTD post in your favorite le top looks!

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