Black Friday

Posted on November 26th, 2014 by Lennore Merz

Black Friday is almost upon us, so hold onto your credit cards!

As I was driving into work today, I heard various radio advertisements saying how Black Friday is starting Thanksgiving night. There are oodles of retailers who want you to buy into the craziness and frenzy, to interrupt your turkey dinner and to shop during one of our most cherished family holidays.  Here at Le Top, we WANT you to spend time enjoying Thanksgiving Day and all that it has to offer.  We are family people who truly appreciate treasured family moments and creating long-lasting memories. Therefore we are offering our Black Friday deal on our website starting Friday, November 28th, and not a moment sooner!

Our Black Friday sale is 25% off (all regular price items) + free shipping. Use promo code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout:  Offer valid through Monday December 1st,11:59pm ET and shipped via regular shipping (5-10 business days). Our promotion cannot be combined with any other offer, and is not applicable to sale items.

Have you ever taken your kids along on Black Friday shopping trips?  Please share!


Le Top Darling of the Week: Jayden

Posted on November 24th, 2014 by Iliana


At just a few weeks old, here is baby Jayden cozied up next to his furry friend Cooper the Goldendoodle. This little darling has a special place in the le top family. He is the grandson of Bruno, who represents our line in the Chicago area. Congratulations to Bruno and his family on this handsome bundle!

We are told Jayden is an easy going, happy baby. Although he doesn’t like dirty diapers, and we can understand why, he loves his bath time! And when he’s not kicking his feet to songs like “Wheels on the Bus” and “If Your Happy and You Know It,” he likes to play on his piano activity mat.

Here is Jayden sporting his le top ‘Dino-mite!’ collection coverall:

le top Dino-mite! coverall

Congratulations to our darling of the week, Jayden!


Teaching Kids Gratitude

Posted on November 20th, 2014 by Lennore Merz

Teaching kids gratitude…it’s what we all try to do with our kids. As parents, we always strive to do the right thing, and teaching our children gratitude is absolutely the right thing to do. I really try and make it a point to teach my kids gratitude on a regular basis. Sometimes my efforts are more successful than at other times. Following some simple guidelines will help send your kids the right messages in regards to having appreciation for what they have, and for feeling gratitude.

  1. Set a good example. As parents, it’s best to lead by example and to show gratitude in our own actions. Show our kids that helping others and being generous is enriching. Teach our kids that people matter, and that tending to relationships is important. Try to encourage them to be kind to others, to thank others on a regular basis, and to be helpful, thoughtful and giving. Showing thanks through actions and words, via thank you notes, and by giving small tokens of appreciation are all ways to teach children how to be more grateful.
  2. Encourage kids to give back to the community. Having kids involved in a charitable project helps kids learn to be thankful for their home, family, food and relationships. Check online for local charities that need help, like angel projects, nursing homes, homeless shelters, or food banks. Being involved in charity work allows children to see life from another perspective, and teaches gratitude. Giving back to the community really does feel great, and the joy that one receives from helping out others who truly need it…is simply priceless!
  3. Have kids help with chores. As Moms, we tend to take care of most or all of the household chores ourselves. Taking care of these tasks is just one of the many ways that we express our love for our family. But we may find that the more we do for our kids, the less they tend to appreciate our efforts. By having children participate in simple household chores like clearing the dishes, tidying up their room, sweeping the floors, or feeding the household pet, kids realize that all of these tasks take effort. Perhaps over time, they can learn not to take such gestures for granted.
  4. Count blessings regularly. Encourage kids to express thanks and to talk about things, people, and experiences that they are thankful for. This ritual can help develop a more positive frame of mind, and will often remind kids to be thankful for what they have. Children who are older may even want to write in their journal about feelings of thanks before heading off to bed.

Enjoy these tips and use them on Thanksgiving Day and throughout the year.  In the end your kids will be more appreciative, and will most likely grow into positive, purposeful, and more grateful individuals.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Calling all cuties… Le Top casting call!

Posted on November 19th, 2014 by Iliana

Do you think your child would be a great model? Do they love to be in front of the camera? Here is your chance to get them started. The deadline to submit your information is December 15th!

Casting Call Fall 2015 blog

Le Top Darling of the Week: John

Posted on November 17th, 2014 by Iliana

John - le top Saddle Up shirtMeet John: an energetic, strong-willed, gentle and kind two-and-a-half year old, who loves puzzles, reading stories and hanging out at the playground with his cousins. We couldn’t help but want to know more about this little cowboy after seeing this photo of him wearing our ‘Saddle Up’ collection shirtand as it turns out there were many more adorable photos where that came from!

John - le top Rock On! shirtHere he is wearing the DJ Dawg’ shirt from our ‘Rock On!’ collection! This little rock stars favorite songs are “Blitzkrieg Bop” by the Ramones and “Hush, Little Baby” sung by mommy. Not only is John stylish but he is also quite the lucky charm. Mom and dad tell us they consider themselves the lucky ones since he was born on St. Patrick’s Day. We were also told that shortly before John’s second birthday he was able to say full sentences – way to go John!

John in his le top ‘Spunky Monkey’ hoodie

Now as far as food goes, mom & dad prefer that John eats “green guys” (broccoli and asparagus), apples and chicken, but John has his own favorites. John loves cookies, Pirate’s Booty and cheddar bunnies and would eat them all day, every day… if he could! Just don’t have scheduled meals for him like breakfast, lunch, and dinner – that’s one thing he’s not too fond of.

Here are a few more photos of this darling wearing le top!

We heard John just became a BIG brother to his baby sister Grace!

Congratulations to John and his family!